Piggyback Technology with Going Green and What do You Get?

Employees are up to 40% more productive working remotely.

Employees are up to 40% more productive when working remotely.

You get a virtual work environment. While not all careers lend themselves to working in a remote work space away from the traditional brick and mortar of company headquarters, more and more folks are opting for part-time and full-time telecommuting options. The advantages are incredible, but the discipline is demanding.

So, what are the top ten real advantages of going virtual?

1. Saves money for the employer and the employee (travel, office space, etc.)

2. Employee is generally more productive in his/her own environment (Some reports indicate increases of up to 40 percent through telework programs.)

3. Reduces health risks and lost days due to illness (less stress!)

4. Reduces job hopping and subsequent training requirements

5. Grants employee a mix of personal and business time during the day, rather than asking for time off to attend to personal matters

6. Allows for a better pool of employees because you get nationwide reach

7. Preserves the environment by decreasing transportation-based greenhouse gases

8. Promotes safety by reducing numbers on the highways and your operation can continue even in the face of a crisis (i.e., severe weather or a natural disaster because they can literally work from anywhere)

9. Conserves energy (office equipment, vehicle resources, etc.)

10. Your employee is generally happier as they achieve balance for their work and family mojo.

Many employers are hesitant when it even comes to the mention of going virtual. Don’t be. It’s a fabulous alternative for the right employee. Just ask me and Lee. We’ve been doing it for over 19 years.

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