Create a Better Social Media Plan: 3 Quick Tips

3 Quick Social Media Tips from Professional Mojo

3 Quick Social Media Tips from Professional Mojo

I know it. You hear us really harp on planning when developing a social media plan. That’s because the more clients we work with and the more websites we develop, the clearer it becomes that organizations are often doing these because they are afraid not to…not necessarily because it makes good sense.

So, once again, I’m devoting this post to a few planning tips.

1) Training and Retraining:  Consider your current employees. You will need to communicate to them the new social media marketing effort, the objectives of it, how it will improve your organization, what their roles will be, and the policies they are expected to follow. Remember, people think they know social media because they can Tweet or post on Facebook. That’s not true. Business rules and processes should apply.  Consider offering webinars or online training to ensure they understand their concrete tasks and the consequences of not following social media protocol.

2) Organizational Representation Consistency:  The front-facing personas of your organizational brand need to be on the same page, creating consistency across all web platforms.  What I mean is: authenticity and transparency are key. You are developing relationships and using a pull approach, as opposed to a push approach. The look, feel, and tone of all parts of your web presence should be similar.

If you are an edgy organization, that should be reflected. If traditional, then every front-facing persona and social media channel should reflect the same. It has to pass the sniff test.  Even though you will be targeting different groups and will want tailored messages, it all comes down to your brand, so there still needs to be some consistency

3) Informational Flow:  Companies routinely forget follow-up where social media is concerned.  That two-way relationship and dialog means, uh, that you should respond to customer, vendor and prospects questions, praises and criticisms. 

We recommend creating a process that shows your front-facing personas what to do when certain kinds of comments are posted or certain types of questions are asked.  Give your employees, or outsourced partner, the research tools they need to not keep the community member waiting.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you create a strategy, provide online or onsite training, upgrade your website or even take on your social media roles, contact us and let’s chat.

Customize Your Facebook and Twitter Assets to Ensure Look and Feel

Get your social media eggs in one basket. (

Get your social media eggs in one basket. (

As social media continues to explode across the marketing landscape, businesses are rushing to join the bandwagon without planning and sound business process in place. As business owners, business builders and business mentors, we feel strongly that all of your marketing assets should have the same look, feel and smell. Some quick suggestions to maintain continuity:

1) Create a custom Twitter background. The Professional Mojo website has a unique color scheme and we’ve continued that custom color scheme to both of our Twitter accounts here and here. You should do the same. Creating a custom Twitter background is not difficult and there are several tutorials to help you. Visit this site to see an array of tutorials on creating a custom Twitter background.

2) Create custom headers for your blogs. Please, oh, please…do not use whatever graphic comes with your template. Even if you use a ready-made blog template, have someone create a custom header that looks and feels like your organization. In the application, for example, you can easily switch out your headers by clicking on Custom Header under the Appearance heading. I recently conducted one of our online blog workshops, and the top thing I noticed was a significant jolt moving from the website to the blog. They should not be disjointed.

3) Use static FBML boxes in your Facebook page to include site-like elements and more closely link ALL of your social media assets. For example, we have a tab called Mojo Community, which is a custom tab created using simple, static FBML (Facebook Markup Language). We give all of our fans the opportunity to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

Careful planning ensures that your web presence is cohesive, extends your brand and creates awareness. Take the time to develop a comprehensive strategy to make sure all these things work for the good of your organization. If you need assistance, commit to getting it. Your company reputation is too important to leave to chance.

We create and upgrade small business websites to integrate and leverage social media components, create social media policies and toolkits, and then show you how to maintain your new tools to grow your business and monitor your online reputation. Contact us for more information
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