Social Media Basics: 5 YouTube Tips

YouTube and Social Media

Get Started on YouTube

In honor of today’s online workshop, which is YouTube for Small Business: Getting Started, let’s  cover a few YouTube tips to get you rolling.

1) Do it or be left behind:   USA Today noted that “If you’re one of the estimated 25,000 small businesses in America, then – whether you realize it or not – video is in your future.”  It went on to quote  Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey who said that, “Whether you’re a hot-dog vendor in Boston or design firm in Santa Fe, you will be producing video for the Web, video is how your customers will find you.”

2) Get over yourself: The best videos aren’t slick, super-produced videos. They are videos that meet a need, give information, are entertaining and are authentic and real. Get over thinking that it’s about you and it has to be perfect. Grab your iPhone or your Flip camera and get with the program.

3) Consider audio and lighting: Yeah, I know that I just said you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg…but the video does need to be clear and audible. Informal videos are fine, indeed, but be sure that the resulting upload is clearly lighted, easy to see and the audio is understandable.

4) Be passionate: This is particularly important for small businesses. I suspect that if you are one of our nonprofit or ministry clients, you can easily find something passion-worthy about your cause or outreach. But, what if you sell radiators? Or fertilizer? Listen – social media is still for you. You just need to be a little creative, that’s all. For example, is the fertilizer used to grow the biggest pumpkin at the state fair? Maybe it’s used in a garden to grow produce for a homeless shelter.  Take a look at your product or service in a fresh way and find the passion that will connect to your audience.

5) Keep it short: No one wants to sit through 10 minutes of video on YouTube or Vimeo.  No matter if it’s part of a conference, informational, an event, how-to – whatever – keep it to less than 5 minutes unless it is spectacularly engaging. 

Get motivated and get your small business or nonprofit out on YouTube now.  If you need assistance planning and executing on a strategy, online training to get your started right, an updated web site, or cost-effective monthly group mentoring to keep things moving, let us know.  
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